A staple to many families Thanksgiving dinner is the green bean casserole. Traditionally made with a can of condensed soup or two and possibly some french onion soup mix if you’re extra fancy. The top is usually adorned with french fried “onions” which I’m not entirely sure have any REAL onion in them, and yet, it is addictive.

Maybe you’re missing this gem on your table because you’re an allergy riddled Celiac like me. Well I’ve come to your rescue. This stuff is good stuff. The mushroom soup is made from scratch. I’ve decked the top of this one out with toasted almonds instead of the onions and instead put the delicious onion-y goodness inside with the addition of caramelized onions. Now we have the crunch and a more potent onion flavor.

Here’s how we make it.


1 Half of a medium sized Yellow Onion (diced fine, this comes out to about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of Onion just decide how onion-y you want it.)

2 Cups of Baby Bella Mushrooms washed, dried and sliced

2 1/2 Cups Milk (you can use whatever kind of un-sweetened non-dairy Milk, such as rice or almond with good results)

2 1/2 Tbls. White Rice Flour

Non-iodized Salt to taste (about 2 Tsp. Total)

Cracked Black Pepper to taste

3 Tbls. Unsalted Butter

1 1/2 Lbs. of Fresh Green Beans

Snap the green beans ends off, then snap into thirds. Steam or simmer with just enough water to cover them until they are tender crisp. Set aside.

In a heavy bottom sauce pan heat the butter until melted over medium high heat. Add in the mushrooms and onions and sprinkle with a bit of salt and pepper. Allow to cook down until you see wonderful brown goodness like this.

Then sprinkle in your flour and allow it to toast up a little bit, no one likes the flavor of raw flour. This should only take about a minute. Now go ahead and add in your milk.

Stir until all the flour is dissolved. Let it come to a slow gentle boil and it should thicken up very quickly.

You’ll notice I’m able to drag a spoon through it and it doesn’t just pour back in on itself, this means the mushroom soup is ready.

Place your steamed green beans into the mushroom soup and mix together until completely coated.

Transfer to a casserole dish.

For the topping

1/2 Cup Slivered Almonds Raw un-salted

1/2 Tsp. non-iodized Salt

In a skillet heat the almonds with the salt until they begin to smell fragrant and become slightly brown. Remove immediately after the first bit of color and sprinkle over the casserole. They’ll finish toasting when you bake the casserole.

If you’re making this ahead this is the point you’d let it cool to room temp. then place a layer of plastic wrap over the casserole and then seal with foil. It will freeze really well. Just remove and allow to thaw on the counter before baking to heat the day of the big feast.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. Enjoy!

For the Turkey Brine (BONUS RECIPE!)

This is my lil’ friend Turkey Lurkey, he’s organic, non-hormone, no anti-biotics, fed on alfalfa and oats. He’s kind of small and if I just roasted him he’d probably be dry and slightly stringy. After his spa treatment he will be lush, plump and flavorful.

This makes me and Turkey Lurkey happy, well until he realizes he will be my dinner!

Here’s how to brine your turkey friend to have juicy, tender, delicious turkey this year.

1 1/4 Cup Non-Iodized Kosher Salt

1 1/2 Cups Raw Organic Honey (know your bees corn allergy friends)

1 Tbls. Sage

1 Tsp. Rosemary

1 Tsp. Thyme

1 Tsp. Black Pepper

1 Orange Sliced Peel On

1 Lemon Sliced Peel On

4 Cups Vegetable Stock (I make from scratch using carrot, onion, celery, mushroom, and a clove of garlic, boil for about an hour un-covered)

1 Bag of Ice

Cold Water (depends on how big your turkey is this recipe can be doubled for larger turkeys, ours was only 12 pounds this year.)

1 Large Bag big enough to fit your turkey this could mean a kitchen trash bag or a 2 Gallon Zip top which is what ours fit in.

In a large pot combine the spices, veg. stock, honey, and salt until its all dissolved and combined.

Clean the turkey cavity out (set the giblets aside for making turkey stock for dressing and gravy.)

Rinse the turkey

Place turkey inside the bag

Place the bag with turkey inside a cooler filled with the bag of ice

Add the brine solution

Fill the bag the rest of the way with water until the turkey is fully submerged. You don’t want to take it too far past the top of the turkey though because you’ll dilute the salt solution too much.

Allow the turkey to soak for at least 24 hours, 48 if you have the time.

Check occasionally to be sure there is still ice in the cooler to keep the turkey from becoming too warm

On turkey roasting day bring the turkey out of it’s brine and rinse REALLY WELL. Really get in there and scrub the skin rinse the cavity etc. Then you can season it as you see fit and roast it. I start the oven at 425 and roast the turkey for about 10-15 for the size I’m working with, longer for larger birds. Once the skin has browned a bit go ahead and bump it down to 325 and roast for about 15 mins per pound. Allow to rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.

Stand back, because its about to be devoured.