Mmmm the classics, by now I’m sure my loyal readers know I’m all about the classics. If you’re new here you’ll realize this soon enough! I don’t think it gets much more classic than the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookies. No one doesn’t like a chocolate chip cookie, right? If you don’t well, just get to steppin’ folks because its all about the chocolate chip cookies today.

Sorry there’s no prissy, posed picture here either. I don’t know if you’ve caught on but I don’t really care about that either. I care about one thing when developing recipes for this site, TASTE!

Look, its a cookie, it stays together, its not a brick, it’s got good color and you bet your bottom its the best darn chocolate chip cookie you’ve had since heaven only knows when.

There’s a few key steps to making these cookies extra delicious and I’m going to lay them out for you right now.
1. Let your butter soften on the counter. No microwaving, no cheating. Think ahead, just leave the sticks of butter on the counter for a couple hours. I promise you its worth the wait.

2. Let the dough set in the refrigerator for about an hour before baking it. One of the biggest differences between gluten containing flours and their gluten free counter parts is the fact that the GF flours don’t absorb liquid as quickly. Letting the dough proof in the fridge will give the flours a chance to really soak up any moisture it can. Making for much nicer texture that isn’t sandy and holds together well.

3. Make sure your oven is pre-heated and that the temperature is exactly what the recipe calls for. This will ensure your cookies cook evenly instead of having dark bottoms are overly cooked edges.

4. Always measure flour for cookies exactly. You know, the do whole scoop, tap. butter knife across the top level cup thing. You need your flour to be spot on. Otherwise you can end up with too dry of a cookie that is really crunchy and crumbly or with a cookie that looks like lace and is crisp and usually slightly burned.

5. Use fresh eggs. Eggs are best for baking as fresh as you can get them. This will help ensure you’re getting the right texture because the proteins in the eggs aren’t broken down they’ll bind and rise things at their best.

Now that we are cookie making pros I think you’re ready for the recipe!

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees (use a thermometer in the oven if your read out sometimes can’t be trusted.


1 Cup White Rice Flour

1/2 Cup Brown Rice Flour

1/2 Cup Potato Starch

1/4 Cup Tapioca Starch

2 Tsp. Guar or Xanthan Gum

1 Tsp. Baking Soda

2 Sticks of Softened Un-salted Butter

1 Tsp. Non-Iodized Salt

3/4 Cup Light Brown Sugar

3/4 Cup White Sugar

2 Cups of Semi-sweet chocolate chips (use whatever brand is safe for you specific sensitivities.

2 Tsp. Corn Free Vanilla or 1 Vanilla Bean

2 Large Eggs

To Prepare

Cream together butter, sugar, vanilla, eggs and salt. Then measure all the dry ingredients and add them to the creamed butter and egg mixture. Use a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula to combine the creamed butter mixture and flour together until there is no dry flour. Finally, fold in the chocolate chips.

Now, cover the dough with plastic wrap and set in the fridge to proof. This should take no less than an hour and can be made up to three days ahead if properly sealed up to be baked at your convenience.

Now that your dough has had time to get happy you are ready to spoon the dough out and bake them.

Like how I tried to cut the messy parts of the counter out of the pic? Terrible angle but I figured showing you about the size I make the dough balls and how far apart I place them on the sheet made more sense than my measurement challenged brain to figure out how to write it out.

Just take a regular teaspoon from the silverware drawer and scoop a chunk of dough use another spoon to help you push the dough onto your cookie sheet. I guess if you’re fancy you might have one of those lil’ dough scooper/ice cream scooper things. I don’t. :)

Place the cookies on the sheet about 2″ apart to allow for them to spread out.

Now bake! Mine take exactly 11 minutes in the oven. I pull them just a slight bit soft in the center and let them cook the rest of the way on the baking sheet until they’re cool and set up enough to transfer to a cooling rack. Where, if you don’t have a family like mine that has usually already devoured the entire sheet, you could place them in containers or zip top bags to be sent out for Christmas gifts.

I hope you enjoy!